How do you unblock arteries naturally?


WebMD says that unblocking arteries naturally requires a good diet and exercise. According to the New York Times, stress reduction is also an important aspect of this natural treatment.

Patients need to eliminate processed, refined, sugary and fatty foods from their diets, according to WebMD, and instead fill up on fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains and legumes. Ample protein in this diet comes from soy products, nonfat dairy and egg whites. Basically, patients need to eat foods in natural, unprocessed forms to naturally unblock their arteries.

WebMD advises people to focus on yoga and walking to get the exercise they require. They need to start out taking half-hour walks and do it consistently several times a week.

Stress reduction can be addressed through meditation and yoga, WebMD states. The New York Times adds that stress reduction is an important aspect of naturally unblocking arteries because stress causes arteries to tighten. In a study reported by the Times, people reduced stress by meditating, stretching and practicing breathing exercises together. As a result, some arteries unblocked. Those who didn't reduce their stress didn't see as much success. In fact, chest pains increased. The study also showed that there is no connection between cholesterol and artery blockage.

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