How do you use ceramic briquettes?


Use ceramic briquettes in gas grills to save money and fuel. Properly distributing ceramic briquettes allows for heat to circulate more evenly. This leads to foods that are cooked consistently and more quickly in general. Since this type of briquette is more efficient at conducting heat, it requires less gas to operate and requires fewer refills. Choose a briquette in the desired shape and flavor, and use them just like briquettes made out of other materials.
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1. Open your gas grill and take out the metal cooking grid. Remove any old briquettes. Use a grill brush to sweep out any broken briquettes or ash. 2. Arrange the ceramic briquettes
where do i place ceramic briquettes on a gas grill.
1 Find at least four, 5 gallon (18.9 L) buckets. (Ask the maintenance crew at your school.) Ad 2 Line the buckets with heavy-duty 32 gallon (121.1 L) garbage bags. (Otherwise, it
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