How to Use a Directional Compass.?


1. Place the compass on a level spot, either by placing it on a flat surface such as the ground or by holding it as level as possible. 2. Locate your bearing. If you have determined which direction you wish to head, allow the compass to rest in a
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A disc(compass card)marked out in degrees as well as conventional compass graduations such as N,S,E ,W circle which is divided into the 64 equal parts.the card has a central hub bearing
1 Find the Big Dipper. Ad 2 Find the two stars at the outer edge of the Dipper's bowl. These are pointer stars . They point to the North Star. 3 Extend an imaginary line from the
There are usually 8 directions shown: North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, Northwest.
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A Brunton compass is a precision compass that is made by Brunton, Inc. How a directional compass can be used by an engineer is to find a real position on the map ...
A compass is a device or tool that is used to find a direction. It usually will have a needle that is magnetized and will point to magnetic north. A compass ...
A directional compass is used to find direction and is a great to use when camping. When using a compass made sure that the North point is positioned away from ...
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