How do you use perm solution to straighten hair?


A perm is most frequently used to create and set curls in hair. The solution that comes with the perm kit contains chemicals that can also be used to straighten hair if used properly. Don't shampoo hair for a couple of days and then straighten. Detangle hair with a comb, and apply a layer of petroleum jelly. Mix the perm solution and apply it to the hair in sections following package instructions. Add neutralizer and rinse, then shampoo as normal. Do not twist hair to dry.
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1. Straighten your hair two or three days after your last shampoo. The natural oils in your hair will protect the strands from over-stripping and damage. Follow the test procedure
24 hours.
1 Beforehand, Wash your hair with a moisture protecting shampoo and conditioner. Ad 2 Try to blow dry your hair an a cooler setting. The high heat will dry your hair out. 3 After
I only get relaxers every 3 months. Make sure to wash and deep condition every 7-10 days. (deep conditioning will soften the new growth) Then you can either roller-set or air dry
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