How do I write a letter asking for a job?


First, you have to start with small introduction part where you will write about your education and personal characteristics. Then write why you think that you will be good for that job that you are applying to and why the should hire you.
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1. Greet the recipient by name in your salutation (i.e. "Dear Ms. Jones. Write a short introductory paragraph that indicates the date on which you met for an interview, and explain
1. It is always essential to be specific about your purpose for contacting the potential employer. The company may be looking to fill numerous positions, so you cannot assume it knows
1. Begin your letter by gearing it towards the specific accounting job for which are applying. You should specify whether the position is as an accountant or accounting specialist
1. Read the job description or job ad for the textile job that you want to apply for. Highlight the skills and experience that the employer is looking for. Use this information to
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A letter asking for a job is usually a cover letter that accompanies a resume. A good cover letter will point out your strengths and successes in your career. For more information look here:;
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