How to Write a Letter to Board of Directors?


When you write a board of directors a letter, it should be written as a formal business letter. Be sure to include the contact information in the headers. The salutation should read 'Dear Board of Directors:', using the : after the words. The body of the letter should get right to the point, and concisely explain the situation and what is needed from the board. Be sure to mention if you require a quick response due to a time sensitive situation, so they can take care of things.
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1. Jot down a list of thing you are going to include in your letter to the board. If, for instance, you are writing to the board to request money for a class trip, indicate which
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1. Start with a heading. A heading is a functional part of the letter that lets the recipient know on which date the letter was written and from where it is coming. Start on the upper
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