How to Write a Personal Loan Agreement?


To write a personal loan agreement is going to help secure your note. This agreement will act as a promissory note. If for some unforeseen reason the borrower does not pay, you can take this note to court and get a judgement for payment. For more information look here:;
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1. Determine whether or not you need to charge interest on the loan. While you can make interest-free loans to family members and friends, loan payments above certain amounts are
1. Create a document in a word-processing program. You can also buy a software program that will help you create a buy-sell agreement. If you do not use a software program, you may
1. Decide how to handle the sell of shares by a partner in the event of a partner dissolution. Will a partner be allowed to sell shares to a third-party buyer? Will the partner be
1. Decide if the agreement will be a mutual non-disclosure agreement. Mutual, or "two-way" non-disclosure agreements confirm that both parties, such as a client and contractor
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How to Write a Personal Loan Agreement
A personal loan is usually a loan between two parties, such as an employer and employee, two friends or a parent and child. When extending a loan to a loved one, friend or employer, it is important to have the information carefully written down so that... More »
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