How do you write a political platform?


A political platform is the set of beliefs that a political party adheres to, so that the voters will know where the politicians aligned with that party stand. When writing a platform, it is important to discuss all the issues that are relevant for the upcoming election. By stating what the politician plans to do, or not do, it will influence voters to support the politician if they agree with the policies in the platform statements.
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1. State and explain the issue in question at the beginning of your platform essay. For example, your area of focus may be animal rights. Give background information on the state
The standard right and left wing positions on global warming are both the product of the tendency of people in general and politicians in particular to avoid nuance and take a simplistic
You persuade a person about what to choose and whats right about polictics all you do is persuade them.
What do you mean "write a platform" Source(s) You have to know what you're talking about. Then people will take you seriously. So that means studying, watching CSPAN day
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