How to Write a Soliloquy?


A soliloquy is a rambling of one's inner thoughts, or an inner monologue that is written or performed out loud or from the viewpoint of being inside one's head.
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figure it out on yourself.
Its easy. Just write a long statement about what the character is doing or what's going on in the play, from the character's point of view, like he's talking to himself, because he
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The use of the soliloquy, and how to write a soliloquy, is different now than it was when Shakespeare used the dramatic convention. A soliloquy is essentially a character making a statement about his or her own thoughts, much like characters in cartoons or movies or other types of media do - though nowadays, it is done through voice-overs. Writing a soliloquy is as simple as knowing what the targeted character is thinking and simply writing that down in the script; in the case of a Shakespearean soliloquy, the use of his writing style is also required. For more information look here:;
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