How do you write an interpretive essay?


An essay that summarizes the literary work of a particular author, the interpretive essay must provide the audience with the name of the author, title of the work, and a brief summary of the literary work. It must provide a clear interpretation of the message and purpose of the work, and it must have details, evidence and quotes to support the interpretation.
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1. Write a list of basic ideas you have that may help you to focus your research. Decide whether your essay will give an overview of the Freedom Riders movement or if you want to
Choose the text you wish to interpret. This can be a journal article, a novel, a
In order to write a great essay make sure you find a topic to write about and do not make it too broad. Next make an outline followed by rough draft.
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How to Write an Interpretive Essay
Unlike a research paper, which is based strictly on fact and does not allow for the writer's opinions of the subject, an interpretive essay is built upon writer opinion. To interpret means, in part, to make sense of something, usually a text.... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
To write an interpretive essay, determine the specific topic you intent to interpret and summarize the points you intend to cover about it. Ensure that you base your arguments in the context of the topic and create a convincing conclusion. Some examples of interpretative essays will be found at .
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