How to Write an Observation Paper?


First, to write an observation paper, you must hone your observation skills. Second, your paper must be written in the present tense to have the greatest effect. And third, you should be as detailed as possible. You can find more information here:
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1. Examine your list of observations from the event or place you attended. Write down all your discoveries. Summarize all your discoveries together in one sentence in the present
I am also an education major, taking my first class which requires an observation. I would say that first person is acceptable for this type of paper. My professor has us write ours
1. Narrow your topic down to one literary theory. Different literary theories include queer, gender,and Marxist, to name just a few. Perform research, beginning with a more general
1. Before starting an essay, be sure you understand the assignment. When teachers give an assignment for students to write a paper or essay on a poem, they give an assignment description
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How to Write an Observation Paper
Grab your reader's attention by writing an observation paper about a live event or person. Utilize observation skills, story-telling and good note-taking to keep track of what happened during the experience. Details are extremely important in this type... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
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