Ideas for Crazy Hair Day?


YouTube offers over one million ideas and tutorials for crazy hair day. The bun-hawk, multi colored hair, and funky braids are among the ideas that kids can wear to school for crazy hair day. YouTube shows step by step tutorial videos on may of the looks and ideas that you may want to try if you are attending a crazy hair day. Schools that celebrate spirit week will often have a crazy hair day, where the kids have the opportunity to express themselves in way that they would not on a typical day.
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Put your hair through some straws and pull the hair through with a crochet hook. You might want to cut the straws in half. Or. Put a hole bunch of gel before you go to sleep and then
1 Gather up some friends to talk to and give you feedback on your hair. You can help them work with your friends too! Ad 2 Wash your hair thoroughly. This will save time for you taking
You could try the bun-hawk hairdo, it's crazy and yet very cute. Shampoo
do buns over your ears. or put chop sticks in your pink tails and make them stand up. make frizzy crazy curls.
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Crazy Hair Day Ideas for Kids
Crazy Hair Day is an opportunity for your child to break the mold of traditional hairstyles and do something eye-catching and loud. With an endless possibility for designs, this is a useful time for your child to put together the wildest hairstyle she... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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