How long will hangnail infection last?


The hangnail infection will only get worse unless you do something positive to counteract it. In the first few days, the area around the hangnail will become very red and will feel very warm when you touch it. The quickest way to heal hangnail
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Home Remedy for an Infected Hang Nail
A hangnail is a piece of skin located along the side of the nail (or around the base) that has become dry and is peeling. Because the skin is pulled open, a more sensitive area of the skin is revealed. Hangnails can be very painful and can get worse if... More »
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It's not really much of a treatment. Just clean it, put some iodine or neosporin on it, put a bandaid over it. And repeat if it falls off. And change it every day until it's better.
Doctors suggest covering the skin after removing the hangnail with
Not Medical Advice: Wash your hands thoroughly with a good, gentle soap and water. Soak the afflicted hand in warm water for about 5 minutes. (MORE?)
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Hangnails are usually a minor problem, even if they get infected. To heal an infected hangnail, start with washing the area with soap and water. Next, apply an ...
The best cure for an infected hangnail is to keep it clean. To prevent getting hangnails entirely, keep your hands and feet properly hydrated. They occur when ...
A hangnail is a loose piece of skin near or adjacent to a finger nail. There are various home remedies for treating and avoiding hangnails. They involve; soaking ...
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