Is Eminem still with Kim Mathers?


The relationship between Eminem and Kim Mathers has been a rocky one, but they have been divorced February 25 2006. This divorce was the second one for them after having nullified their first marriage in 2001. There has been rumors over the years that couple who have two daughters have been seen together severally.
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Kim and Eminem have dated off and on since 1989, rumored to be introduced by Dr.
She cheated on him constantly, she barely let him see his daughter, she would beat the sh*t out of him and he would just sit there and take it because he wouldn't hit her,etc.
She's still very much alive - she's not his wife any more though, they divorced in December 2006. Source(s)…. Also,
Eminem and Kim have a love hate relationship. as he says in his song Going't-eminem-an...
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