Is It OK to Wear Expired Contact Lenses?


The Federal Drug Administration requires contact lenses to carry an expiration date to protect users. Soft lenses are usually okay to wear up to four years after their packaging date. Lenses are packaged in airtight containers that breaks down over time. This breakdown can lead to bacteria or other contaminants getting into the lenses. Using expired lenses can cause irritation or infection in the eye.
Q&A Related to "Is It OK to Wear Expired Contact Lenses?"
1. The simplest way to check if your contact lenses have expired is to check the supplier box in which the lenses were packaged. Typically, there are six individual lenses in each
1. Put the contact lens on your index finger. Note: Check to see that your contact lenses are on its proper side. If the edges are protruding outward, then it's on the wrong side.
It is possible that yYour contacts will will get coated with germs
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