Is Kiwi a Citrus Fruit?


No, kiwifruit is not a citrus fruit. Citrus is a genus of fruit that is shared by oranges, grapefruit, lemons, and limes. Citrus fruit are characterized by their often sour taste.
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Kiwi is an exotic fruit native to China. A New Zealand bird is the namesake for the tiny fruit. A kiwi fruit has light-brown skin, bright green flesh and a white pulp center surrounded
1. Choose plump and firm fruit. When choosing the fruit generally it should be plump and firm. Ad. 2. Remove the fruit with a flick of the wrist or use shears for plant use. 3. Check
Botanists fight about this. Evolution might have favored fruits with soft flesh (as most citrus fruit are) that were segmented and had a chance of one segment surviving when others
There are many non-citrus fruits, like watermelon, cantaloupe, and cherries.
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Kiwi is not a citrus fruit. It is actually considered a tropical fruit, and only grows in warm climates. The skin is green and hairy, and the inside is green and sweet.
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