Is Malaria a Virus or Bacteria?


Malaria is neither a virus or a bacteria. Malaria is considered a parasite as it is transmitted by the bite from female mosquitoes.
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A one-celled parasite, plasmodium,
1. Determine the size of the microorganism you are looking at. Both of them are very tiny organisms that are measured in micrometers or microns. It takes about 25,000 microns to make
A mosquito, every 30 seconds kids in parts of africa get malaria. if they had bed nets ( nets that go over beds), they would be safer. The female Anopheles mosquito is the vector
protist. more precisely protozoa called Plasmodium. (those pathogenic to humans are: pl. falciparum, pl. vivax, pl. ovale, pl. malariae)
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