Is Saturn a good car company?


According to, an automobile price comparison and resource website, production on the Saturn brand of cars was halted in 2009. Saturn was owned by General Motors, and during the company's bankruptcy reorganization, the decision was made to close the Saturn company.

David Hanna for Forbes notes that in 1994, Saturn was the third best-selling car model in the United States. Even in 2000, it was ranked only second to Lexus as the car model with the highest customer satisfaction level. By many accounts, Saturn, when it was an active brand, was a good company or at least it produced a quality product. The problem with purchasing any old Saturn car models is the lack of customer support for operating issues that may come up because the company no longer exists. As Consumer Reports pointed out in 2009, it is possible for mechanics to still be able to fix any issues that come up with Saturn cars for years to come. The caveat is that any repairs are likely to be much more costly than in years past.

Some industry experts believe that poor internal management by high-level company executives was the main reason for the Saturn company's demise. Although Saturn enjoyed a successful run during the 1990s, by October 2010, all Saturn dealerships had closed their doors, according to

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