Is Shovel a Second Class Lever?


A shovel is not a second class lever. It is considered, in most cases, a third class lever. It can be classified as a first class lever if the hand that is closest to the force remains stationary.
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A shovel is a First - class lever .
When shoveling snow, the fulcrum is located between the applied force and the
A lever that has its point of resistance (load) between its fulcrum (point of support or axis of rotation) and point of effort (force application). In the human body, a second class
Class 2 levers are used in many instances in your daily life. Wheelbarrows, many vehicle suspension configurations and any application where a prybar is used to move something are
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A second class lever has the load in the middle of the lever and the fulcrum at one end. An everyday example of a second class lever is a wheel barrow. The wheel ...
A second class lever is rigid bar pivoted on a fixed point, used to raise a heavy object which could otherwise have not been lifted by normal human force. It may ...
The rake is a third class lever. Other third class lever include the baseball bat, the shovel, and the hoe. ...
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