Is a Telephone Bill Considered a Utility Bill?


Utility bills normally include gas, electricity, and water. However, telephone and internet bills could both be considered utility bills because they are a living expense that is not related to rent.
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Things You'll Need. Utility statements. Instructions. Review you previous statements to determine how your usage was different from previous months. Try to recall the number of days
1 Make sure that you turn the lights off whenever you leave the room. If there is no one in the room, there is no point in lighting it up and all you are really doing is wasting both
A telephone bill - shows your debt to the company providing your service - for any calls that have been made, and the monthly usage fee for having their service.
The lack of a breakdown with why and how I was charged. Even though it would probably make the bill longer, it would be nice to be able to see when I was charged more. It would also
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