Is a Woman Fertile after Her Period?


The most fertile time for a women is about 14 days after the first day of her period. This can vary from woman to woman, so it is best to use some sort of doctor recommended form of birth control in order to prevent pregnancy.
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If a woman has a 28 day cycle . that is she has her period every 28 days she ovulates on about the 14 th day Sperm wil survive for a bout 4 days so if she has sex on or after the
A woman's most fertile period is typically several days (usually no
It's a persistent myth that ovulation occurs on the 14th day after the beginning of a menstrual period. However, ovulation is different in every woman. According to the American Pregnancy
do u know when you ovulate? if not you'll need to figure out when you ovulate but not every women ovulates @ the normal 2 wks after the start of their cycle and even w/a regular cycle
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