Is "The Maury Show" fake?


"The Maury Show" is a nationally syndicated talk show dealing with real-life situations. The show is commonly known for revealing their guests' DNA and lie detector test results on the air, explains

In a 2012 interview with the Huffington Post, the host of "The Maury Show," Maury Povich, acknowledged that his audience wants more DNA and lie detector tests. The show books its guests either by having people call the show, or by visiting the official website. In 1991, "The Maury Show" made its television debut under the distribution of Paramount Television. As of May 2014, "The Maury Show" remains on television, and is distributed by NBC Universal Television.

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1. Decide if the Maury Show is right for you. Although TV talk shows may seem like a constructive way to deal with relationships or personal challenges, they literally display your
These are not talk shows! They are purely for entertainment purposes, and they can only pull it off if they create the illusion that it is real - but in reality it is all staged.
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