Who was gospel singer Johnny Cook?


Johnny Cook was a tenor singer who sang with prominent gospel groups, including The Florida Boys and the Statesmen. He is most well-known for being a part of the southern singing group The Happy Goodman Family, states Southern Family Gospel.

The Happy Goodman Family began their rise to popularity in the 1960s, when they made appearances at the National Quartet Convention. This gave the gospel group great publicity and led to them landing bigger shows, such as being asked to join the program of The Gospel Singing Jubilee, which showcased other prominent groups, including The Florida Boys and The Couriers Quartet. The Goodmans remained part of the National Quartet Convention for a decade until they landed their own TV show, entitled "The Happy Goodman Family Hour." Their popularity on television sparked the interest of recording labels, and in 1963 the group released their first full-length recording, entitled "Iā€™m too Near Home.ā€

The Happy Goodman Family had a long and successful career for approximately 20 years. Johnny Cook joined the group for a short span in 1974, but returned in 1980 after the group separated due to creative differences. The group was successful again in the late 1990s before slowly dying out in the early 2000s.

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May 14, 2000.
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