How to Set Up & Use Karaoke Speakers?


Karaoke Speakers are just like most other speakers. You have to be careful to set them up in a way that they will not generate feedback with the mic, but outside of that, it's just like setting up any other stereo system. Individual models of speaker will likely have their own set up instructions, so be sure to read the manual.
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The best speakers are the ones that suits you best. To choose speakers, you need to consider the area of your room and the effect you wish to have. You may visit unify company, they
I would like to buy two speakers for my karaoke system, gonna be run through the mixer(Yamaha) or the Amplifier. just dont know which 1 to buy and how many Watts. dont want to go
Hello, By default when you click on your mixer properties you will see the 'output' levels whereas if you want to control the 'input' levels you need to choose the recording levels
i would say that powered speakers are probably better for dj or karaoke simply because you would get more sound and higher amplification. You want to be as loud as possible no? floor
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