How to Keep Pigeons Away?


There are a few ways to keep pigeons away from your home or garden. On a window ledge try smearing petroleum jelly on the ledge. Pigeons hate how it feels. Pigeons also hate reflective or shiny objects so try putting up something shiny like old CDs
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1. Clean your ledges so they are free of any bread crumbs,seeds and other foods that will attract the birds to the area. 2. Apply a gel specifically designed to keep pigeons off ledges
Look into buying one of those rubber snakes or rubber owls (prbly at Bass Pro) that ought to scare them away
1. Consider carefully. Because pigeons are social animals, keeping a single one is. only. recommended if you're sure you can offer enough time and companionship to keep your pigeon
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To keep pigeons away you need to line your window seals and any other place they may sit on with mesh chicken wire. You can also attach fishing line across your ...
To keep pigeons away, you can use methods such as greasing the surfaces, closing any food out door, blocking roof overhangs and securing garbage containers. You ...
You can keep pigeons away using a variety of deterrent measures. You may use tightly stretched polypropylene netting, anti-perch spikes or even the less effective ...
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