Can you keep a fruit bat as a pet?


It is not easy to get a fruit bat as a pet. Native bat species cannot be captured, sold or traded. You should know the laws and requirements in your area for having wild animals before trying to get a bat.
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It is probably possible, in this day and age, but I wouldn't recommend it. Unfortunately exotic pets don't have the best lives. Their mother is often killed to get the baby, and the
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Know that keeping a bat as a pet is to subject it to great fear, boredom and solitude. Also, know that bats are protected under many different laws. To keep one captive you must be
Answer 1. Bananas. Peaches. Dates. Carob. Avocados. Jack fruit. Plantains. Mango. Guava. Cashews. Figs. Durian. Answer 2. Get rid of your fruity occupants. Answer 3. Don't allow your
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