Laptop Internet Connection?


There are several different ways to connect a laptop to the Internet. The Internet source as well as the age of the laptop will determine how this can be done. If the laptop is wifi enabled, you can use a wireless router to connect to the internet. Laptops also have a port in which a connection can be made directly from the modem if needed.
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Things You'll Need. Wireless router. Wireless network interface card (NIC). Instructions. Turn on your laptop computer and log on as Administrator. Install the software (driver) that
A wireless Internet connection allows you to go on line with your laptop without having to be connected to the router with a cable. You can go sit outside in the garden and browse
1 Decide between USB tethering or creating a wireless hotspot. USB tethering is best if you are only connecting one device to your phone, and that device has a USB port. If you are
Make sure your setting say to auto connect to network and ensure connection is set up ( wireless access code is typed in, wireless network is saved as a profile ect) If you have already
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