Lavalife Phone Number?


The phone number for Lavalife is 1-877-297-5544 in the USA. The phone number for Canada is 1-877-401-4888. Lavalife is a telephone dating service. The company was started in 1987 by David Chanmandy and Ed Lum. Lavalife is also available online, as of 2001. As of 2013, Lavalife has made more than 100 million dollars. The company was bought by Vertrue in 2004. Lavalife has thousands of members. The system works by a client recording a message for others to hear.
Q&A Related to "Lavalife Phone Number?"
Lavalife's phone number is 1-877-LAVA-444.
1 877 LAVA 444
No local line was found for Lavalife in Buffalo, NY. You can still call Lavalife at 1-877-528-2543. For other local chat lines, you can try 1-716-805-8500. report this answer. Updated
find it on 411 sicko.
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