What is a C4 plant?


a plant which creates a four carbon (C4) sugar as its basic sugar unit when performing photosynthesis. example- corn (maize)
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( ¦sē′för ′plant ) (botany) A plant that produces the 4-carbon compound oxalocethanoic (oxaloacetic) acid as the first stage of photosynthesis.
1. Equip your C4 by pressing "5" on your keyboard. 2. Aim with your mouse towards the perfect spot to plant your C4. When ready, right-click with your mouse to throw the
A plant in which the CO2 is first fixed into a compound containing four carbon atoms before
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C4 plant is a biochemical mechanism used in Carbon fixation. This is one of the three most important biochemical mechanisms for carbon fixation, other two being ...
There are many types of C4 plants in the world. All C4 plants are angiosperms. The vast majority are dicots, but there are also monocot C4 plants. In monocot C4 ...
C4 pathway is designed to effectively fix co2 at low concentrations. Plants who use this pathway are known as C4 plants. C4 plants have an advantage over other ...
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