What are the names of some non-citrus fruits?


Fruit is a part of a flowering plant that comes from specific tissues of the flower. Fruits are edible and have been harvested by both humans and animals alike. Fruit accounts for a substantial fraction of the worlds agricultural output. Fruits can be consumed raw and in their current state. A fruit can either be sweet or have a sour taste to it. A list of non citrus fruits include apples,pears, watermelons, raspberries, mango's and star fruits.
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Vitamin C content depends on the species of a fruit, climate, and maturity. Excessive heat or cold exposure impairs Vitamin C. A young fruit or vegetable carries less Vitamin C than
Citrus fruits include - clementine, grapefruit, kumquat, leech lime, mandarin,
the only ones that i can think of are, apricot, avocado, banana, cherry, damson, date, fig, grape, guava, kiwi fruit, mango, melon, nectarine, olive, papaya, passion fruit, peach,
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