Where can you find loans for a 17 year old?


There are loans for 17 year olds but they are usually from companies on the Internet that have a very high interest rate. In addition to the high interest rate, they will expect you to start paying your loan when you get your next paycheck. Most banks won't give loans to 17 year olds becuase they are underage. The other alternative is to ask a relative or adult to loan you some money just like a bank would. The person would need to charge you interest as a bank would do.
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You shouldn't. Starting to borrow money at that early of an age starts you down a bad path of always borrowing money for wants. That is why they won't allow you to borrow money legally
1. Call several secured credit card companies and student credit card companies and inquire about the qualifications you need to meet in order to obtain approval for a credit card
The best advice would be to check with your bank, or wait -
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