How do you look down a girl's shirt?


I actually got a few ways to do it that happened on accident. well. the 1st way was an accident but once i saw her whole you know. i wanted to see more so i here are the few ways i do it. if the girl is shorter than you and she's doing something like
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You basically can't. The girl will always
Drop something and pretend your looking for it or bump into her & make her books or whatever she has fall & when she bends down, take a peek.
Wow, dude, that's not weird. Why don't you get her to give him a titjob?
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Get the proper size of shirt, as even for heavy figures, an oversized shirt will only hide curves instead of camouflage size. A shirt that fits properly can feel ...
If you're trying to look down a girl's shirt, you should really ask yourself if it's worth it. It can be objectifying and insulting to a young woman. However ...
It's inappropriate for a man to look down the shirt of a girl without her permission. If this is happening at work or school you can report it as sexual harassment ...
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