What causes a lump on the shoulder blade?


A lump on the shoulder may be caused by a lipoma or cyst, according to the National Health Service. Generally, a painful lump that suddenly appears in one or two days is caused by an injury or infection, especially if the lump has red and warm skin around it.

The NHS explains that a lipoma is a soft, fatty lump that commonly grows beneath the skin; it is usually harmless and can be left alone. This type of lump feels smooth and soft when pressed. It grows into the size of a pea up to a few centimeters across the skin. A cyst is a sac below the skin that consists of fluid, usually pus. Its appearance is similar to that of a lipoma, but it is nearer to the skin surface than lipomas, which grow deeper under the skin. Moreover, it feels firm to the touch. It often goes away on its own without treatment, but it has to be drained in some cases.

Although rare, lumps can be cancerous so it is important to have them checked by a health professional, the NHS advises. Examples of cancerous lumps include soft tissue sarcoma and non-melanoma skin cancer. Soft tissue sarcoma is a cancer of the tissues under the skin and can cause a lump nearly anywhere on the body. Non-melanoma skin cancer is often caused by too much sun exposure and can cause a bump or firm red lump on the skin.

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