What does "made in PRC" mean?


"Made in PRC" means "made in the People's Republic of China." Historically, products manufactured in this nation bore the inscription "made in China." Beginning in 2013, the use of "made in PRC" is becoming ever more common on products manufactured in that Asian nation.

Some import and export analysts suggest that China is making this change as means of improving its "brand." Some people perceive a label bearing "made in China" to be indicative of lower-quality or even counterfeit merchandise. China is a major manufacturer due to cheap labor costs and its generally lax regulatory environment when it comes to producing goods.

Q&A Related to "What does "made in PRC" mean?"
It just means Made in China. There are two country with the name China in it. ROC (Taiwan) and PRC (The larger china)
Made in China or Made in PRCis a country of origin label affixed to products manufactured
Nothing. Just that Peoples Republic of China is "full" diplomatic name. Same as United states Of America is full version of America, USA etc.
Obviously you didn't go to the right shop. There are many good things made in China, I love them, but you need to choose reliable brand, one of my friends bought me a Media cooker
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