What were the major accomplishments of Anne Frank?


Some of the great accomplishments of Anne Frank are the invention of the Diary which has been translated into 80 diverse languages including English and Spanish. Anne and her family were hiding in the Secret Annex for nearly 3 years.
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Anne frank kept her diary during world war two.
Anne Frank not only accomplished writing a diary, but showing how the Jews
She didn't accomplish much besides keeping a diary during a terrible situation. I don't say that to lessen that accomplishment, but to say that she didn't live long enough to accomplish
1933- The Frank family move from Germany to Holland. 3.) June 12, 1942- Anne receives a diary for her thirteenth birthday. 4.) July 5, 1942- Margot receives a summons to report to
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Anne Frank
Anne Frank is the best-known victim of the Jewish genocide known as the Holocaust, which was ordered by Germany's Adolf Hitler during World War II. When German troops occupied the Netherlands, Frank and her family spent two years hiding from the Naz... More »
Name at Birth: Annelies Marie Frank
Born: June 12, 1929, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Died: December 31, 1945
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