How to Connect an FM Antenna.?


1. Place your antenna as high and as clear of obstacles as possible. This will give you the best chance at clear reception of your favorite FM stations. 2. Route the antenna's transmission line from the antenna to the back of your receiver. Choose
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How to Make an FM Antenna
If you've purchased a new FM receiver but have no idea how to make an antenna to tune in your favorite FM stations, making an FM antenna may be easier than you think. All it requires is a piece of speaker cord and a set of wire strippers.... More »
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1 Determine the frequency of the station desired to be tuned. The antenna is tuned to a certain length, based on the frequency of the connected radio. Regardless of the particular
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The FM Trap is used to reduce offending FM signals that can cause audio and video interference. Designed to attenuate the entire FM band and Average -26dB. It's a piece of hardware
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An FM antenna can be easily made. You can make a dipole FM antenna from an AC/DC adapter, or you can make an FM antenna using twinlead wire. For more information ...
To make an FM antenna you will need just a few things found at Radio Shack or an electronics store. You take a AC adapter and pull apart the wires. You can attach ...
1. Cut a 10-foot length of speaker wire. 2. Strip about 1 inch of the plastic sheath away from one end of the wire with the wire strippers, and note the copper ...
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