How to Make a Model of a Cell?


To make a plant cell model: construct a base for the model. A heavy sturdy wooden base works best. This will hold the weight. If you want to make an edible 3-D model of an animal cell you will need gelatin, either a light-colored Jello ( such as
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How to Make Cell Models
Animal and plant cells are complex biological chambers that house the machinery necessary for life. One of the most basic attributes of the cell is the membrane, which divides the internal world of the cell from the outside environment. Both plant and... More »
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1. Select the bases for the cells. For an animal cell, press a quarter-sized ball of clay into a flat disc. For a plant cell, place a styrofoam cube on a table. 2. Paint the plant
1 Decide whether you will make a plant cell or an animal cell. The shape of each of these cells is different. Ad 2 Research the parts of a cell. You will need to understand what each
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Making a cell model can be very easy. Although there are other ways, one enjoyable one is to bake a cell cake. First, follow the directions on a cake mix box. ...
Choose the type of cell that you want to create with your Styrofoam ball, get all the necessary materials like paint, permanent markers, tooth picks, pens. Create ...
1. Place a large button, one piece of elbow macaroni and a few green beads in a plastic ziplock baggy. These represents the parts of the plant cell. The baggy ...
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