Meaning of Om Sai RAM?


'Om Sai Ram' is a phrase that means the remembrance of the one God that is the other person and ourselves. It originates from the Hindu community. The word 'Sai' can be split into two: 'Sa' and 'Ai' whereby 'Sa' means universal father, while 'Ai' stands for universal mother and 'Ram' can be viewed as a shortening of 'Rama'.
Q&A Related to "Meaning of Om Sai RAM?"
Its a religious greeting and i strongly think its linked with the popular Religious Guru from India, Sai Baba.
LESSONS FROM GOD : Mantras : OM SAI RAMA :. Discourse by Sathya Sai Baba.. If you want you can consider doing this POWERFUL HEALING : Mantra. Mantras are sacred words of Power which
Today after the morning meditations and worship , i felt like working a little on the computer and check out things like cleaning up emails and some other stuffs. I noticed a question
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