What is the alcohol content in Michelob Ultra?


Anheuser-Busch is the largest brewing company in the United States. The company operates 12 breweries in the United States and other countries. Brands includes Busch, Budweiser, Bud Light, Natural Light, and Michelob. Michelob is a 5 percent abv (alcohol by volume) pale lager. It was developed by Adolphus Busch in 1896. In 2002, Michelob Ultra was introduced. Micelob Ultra has an alcohol content of 4.2 percent. Michelob Ultra sponsored the Michelob Ultra Futures Players Championship and the Michelob Ultra Open at Kingsmill.
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The alcohol content is 4.2% with 95 calories per can, and 2.6g of
Its 4% now, but used to be 5% Go figure.
Michelob Ultra, brewed by Anheuser Busch contains 4.1% alcohol, 95 calories and 2.6 g of carbs. report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February 01 2012 at 08:20PM EST. Source:
http://www.alcoholcontents.com/beer/beer…. Pretty close most are 4.4 to 5 Mich wins.
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