What is the football player Mike Golics wifes name?


Mike Golics wife's name is Christine Hansen. They have 3
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Mike Golic is married to Christine Golic.
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I would guess his is a moderate republican.
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Michael Louis "Mike" Golic is 6 feet 5 inches (1.96 m) tall and weighs 265 pounds (120 kg).
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Former NFL player Mike Golic's wife is Christine Golic. They have three children. Two of his children play football at Notre Dame and his daughter is a known swimmer ...
Mike Golic plays for the Philadelphia Eagles. Bob Golic plays for the Oakland Raiders. Mike Golic and Bob Golic are brothers. Bob is older than Mike. ...
Yugoslavian. Yugoslavians are Greek orthodox and in some cases Muslim. Mike Golic being a devout Catholic is Croation. Terry Barkovic. ...
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