Mitsubishi TV Problems?


The Mitsubishi TV problems are similar to other TV problems. However, the diagnosis and solution for the problems should not be assumed to be the same. Every TV model has different parts and settings which mean that the problems can be totally different. Some of the common Mitsubishi TV problems include picture and video quality. Others have constant audio problems as well as power related problems. The owner’s manual can be useful in troubleshooting for the problems. However, you should contact the Mitsubishi TV support center for effective results.
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I would look at a proper A/V receiver, and separate speaker package, currently I would suggest harman/kardon, Yamaha, Denon, Onkyo, and possibly Sony (depending on model). Look at
It sets what is called "dynamic" compression. Off, it plays the audio as received, quiet sounds as quiet, loud sounds as loud. On, it amplifies the quiet sounds to closer
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Not sure, but there is firmware update for this model posted at Sony to adress some A/V issues for this model. Go to the site and follow "support" links to read specically
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Mitsubishi Television Problems
Mitsubishi is a Japanese company that manufactures many different electronic devices, automobiles and appliances. It started as a shipping company in the late 1800s, but has since evolved into a global electronics manufacturer. Mitsubishi released its... More »
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