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In order to use the Moneygram service to transfer funds to another person, a customer must pay a fee to Moneygram. This fee is based on several factors including how quickly the patron wants the funds to be available to the other person, the method of delivery, location of payment origination, and the need for any currency conversions. The more complex the transaction, the more than a customer can expect to pay for the transfer.
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1. Contact MoneyGram International by phone or via their online form. MoneyGram accepts applications for sub agents in all parts of the world. The number is 1-800-328-5678, extension
Their fees vary based on a variety of factors including the location of the sender, location of the recipient, the currencies of the sender and the recipient, the amount being sent,
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1. Use CU Service Centers' Vcom locator (see Resources) to find the Vcom terminal closest to you. Inform the individual sending the MoneyGram of the Vcom location that you wish to
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While not as widely known as other money-sending companies, MoneyGram allows customers to send and receive money in under 10 minutes. Customers can send and receive money all over the world from thousands of MoneyGram locations. In addition, MoneyGram... More »
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