Monogastric Animals?


Monogastric animals are those animals, which have a single chambered stomach. This includes almost all mammals, except for ruminants like cows and oxen. There are various species of Monogastric animals ranging form humans, cats, dogs, mice, elephants, pigs etc.
Q&A Related to "Monogastric Animals"
monogastric-have a single,simplestomach.
One monogastric animal is the dog. Cats and pigs are also
Monogastric organism has a simple single chambered stomach; the alt gastric complex to 4-chambered complex (ruminant). Small/Large intestines. more?
The primary difference between a ruminant and non-ruminant (called monogastrics, such as humans, dogs, and pigs) is that ruminants have a four-compartment stomach. The four parts
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