What brands of mouthwash are available for those with sensitive teeth?


There are a lot of mouthwash brands in the market for sensitive teeth which you can choose from. Some of the most popular brands include Colgate® Sensitive Pro-Relief™, Listerine Total Care Plus Whitening and Theradent Medicated Sensitive Teeth Rinse.
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Some times it is better not use any tooth paste at all. It only gives u fresh sensation.The way u brush is much more important.Do it infront of a mirror ,make sure every corner is
1. Purchase an electric toothbrush. This can help remove plaque more efficiently and gently than traditional scrubbing with a manual brush, which can be too harsh on the gums. If
1 Get toothpaste specifically formulated for sensitive teeth. Ad 2 Use it 3 times a day or until you have noticed that it's helped. 3 If that doesn't help, use the toothpaste as medicine
Hi, I've been using a sensitive toothpaste for ages now but I've always used mouthwash straight after brushing with it. Today the dentist told me not to wash the toothpaste ...show
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