How to Join a Music Group.?


1. Decide who your group's members will be. Select people with a range of musical skills and instruments so that you have a full group, such as guitar, wind instrument, percussion, bass or vocal. 2. Determine what kind of music genre your group will
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1 Get the band together. You will need a singer, guitarist, drummer and bass guitarist at least. You may have keyboards, other guitarist and such if you want, but it's best to keep
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At one time, The Beatles went by the name the Silver Beetles. One time when they appeared on stage, some introduced John Lennon as Long John Silver. Lennon did ...
Music group names can be derived from the founding members names or the names can have no obvious significance. The name of the musical group known as the Beatles ...
Universal Music Group is considered to be one of the biggest American music companies in the world. It is operated as a subsidiary of their Paris based conglomerate ...
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