What are some possible reasons that my car is leaking gas?


The reason as to why your car may be leaking gas may vary. However, some of the most common reasons for this include problems in areas such as the gas cap, fuel injection line, the vent hose from the gas tank or the fuel pressure regulator. It is therefore advised to examine these parts to ensure that they are all intact and functioning properly.
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A gas leak is a problem that needs immediate attention because leaking gas can catch on fire. An old gas cap can leak if the seal is damaged or missing. If it doesn't tighten properly
you need to check the tank real good on that one i own one of those and i can smell gas when i fill it up ,i have seen a few of those with bad tanks and that wil cause them to leak,
There really isn't a good way for me to answer this since I don't know where the leak is coming from. I will assume that this is maybe a leak of the gas fumes from an evap system
It's normal for condensed water to come out the exhaust pipe, but if
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