What is the average salary of NFL players?


The average salary for all NFL players during the 2012 season is about $1,900,000. There is a big difference between the average salaries of starting Quarterbacks and the average salaries of starting Offensive Guards.
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The league minimum is $295,000, according to the NFL Players Association. That money is guaranteed for any player who is on an active roster for at least three games. The average
The minimum is $225,000, for every player. some players will be listed as having a base salary of 0, which means that their salary was rolled into a bonus. In addition to this they
• Average NFL player salary: $1.9 million. • Median NFL player salary: $770,000. • Average NFL career length: 3.5 years. • Number of players on injured reserve
The salary cap is essentially a set amount of money that each NFL team is
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The average annual salary for an NFL player is about $1.9 million, with a median of $770,000 and a minimum of $320,000.
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