Names of Famous Bulls?


The riders of the rodeo are not the only famous faces of the arena, the bulls are as well. Bulls who participate in the art of bull riding have been known to be named clever, witty, and sometimes outrageous monikers throughout the years, Here are a few famous bull names of some of the most notorious bulls in the rodeo,Bushwhacker, Bones, I'm A Gangster, Code Blue, Asteroid, Super Duty, Voodoo Child, Chicken On A Chain, RMEF Gunpowder And Lead, and Carrillo Cartel.
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Bodacious the Bull, originally owned by Phil Sumner, was a Charbray bull who was
First of all, let's remember that bears are sluggish and bulls spirited and burly. The terms are used to describe general actions and attitudes, or sentiment, either of an individual
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