What are the names of some jungles?


The Congo, Amazon, Indo-China, Indian, Burmese, and Yucatan are all well known jungles from around the world. A jungle is defined by being a land covered with dense vegetation. There is a lot of danger in the jungle if you should get lost or venture off without an experienced tour guide. Wild animals that are savage beasts call the jungle home and they do not take kindly to humans. The jungle is also a place of great beauty that should be preserved and cared for.
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the largest jungle is in south america it is called the dguysdbsuykibsuic and is very hard to find cauz it is remote and u hav to got here by a plane and a boat by molly :):)
Ecuadorian Amazon is the jungle in Ecuador.In the jungles of the Up...
Baloo was the name of the Bear in 'The Jungle Book' Mowgli was the
"my-teek-uh" was the name of the spider in jungle to jungle.
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Jungle Tree Names
Jungles usually refer to region within a tropical rainforest that is hard to access because of thick growth of vines, plants and trees. According to the California Institute of Technology's Learning About Rainforests website, nearly 6 percent of the... More »
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