What is the Best Sleeping Pill?


"What is the best sleeping pill?" is a question best saved for your health care provider. There are any number of sleep aids available, including over-the-counter options. However, if you can't sleep, you may want to have your health care provider
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List of Sleeping Pills
If you have insomnia, you're not alone. According to Johns Hopkins medicine, about one-third of Americans have trouble sleeping. A doctor will often prescribe sleeping pills to a patient who is under stress, travels frequently, or cannot remain asleep... More »
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There are a variety of names for the different pills commonly grouped into the category of "sleeping pills" The are two main classifications of drugs pertaining to sleep
Three types of prescription pills exist-antidepressants that sedate, pills that help you fall asleep, and medication that assists you in staying asleep. According to mayoclinic.com,
Some names of sleeping pills include Heminevrin, Sonata, Stilnoct, Tricloryl,
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Diphenhydramine hydrochloride is a common ingredient in sleeping pills. It can be found in name brand and generic sleeping pills. It is one of the most common ...
The sleeping pill named Sonata is only available under prescription. It is a non addictive sleeping pill. It also is known not to cause that drowsy and groggy ...
The drug Zolpidem, whose brand name is Ambien CR comes in the strongest dose. The highest dose of Ambien CR is 12.5mg the second highest is 10mg which is found ...
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